We believe in a long-term commitment with all our clients. Where we take the lead in digital marketing and make a real impact together. No one-off campaigns, but a result-oriented always-on approach that suits the size of your organization and the growth phase it is in.

We have developed a proven 4-step digital marketing approach to be able to commit to the goals we have set together. By going through this process, we learn about your business goals, determine the strategy together, take care of the necessary organizational aspects and execute the strategy in a way that your company starts to make an impact.

Our 4-step digital marketing approach is very practical, we don’t believe in complex strategy documents as they usually remain on the shelf. Our focus is to make things happen and bring in results.

Phase 1: Intake Assessment

During the intake phase we get a clear picture of your company. How it is performing, how you are organized, what your goals are and how marketing is currently contributing to the results. This snapshot of your organization gives us all the insights we need to develop a results-oriented digital marketing strategy.

Phase 2: Strategy & Objectives

Together we define clear objectives of what we want to achieve. We develop a goal-oriented, practical and measurable digital marketing strategy. The strategy shows all stakeholders what we want to achieve and how we will achieve it. In addition to the strategy, we determine clear KPIs and objectives.

Phase 3: Organize

Once the strategy is clear, we start organizing its execution. We implement our proven processes and ensure that we put together the best-in-class team to fit your business. We look beyond our own team when there is a need for specialized skills.

Phase 4: Execute

During the execution, we manage the team and monitor the results to keep things on track. We develop and publish the daily content needed to deliver results. In coordination with your business teams and other stakeholders. We deliver a monthly report to monitor the results and optimize processes where necessary.

Are you ready to start your digital marketing journey with us?

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