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Don’t just build a product, build a brand! And make it famous so you start making impact soon. A famous brand helps you scale up more easily. It makes your company super attractive to investors and attracts the perfect team members, partners and customers. The market needs to know about your company and your product, and they need to know about it fast!

Supercharge your brand in just three months

Our Brand Booster program is the perfect solution to boost your brand! In three months we turn your company into a super attractive brand. And we ensure that your product is well-known in your industry. Become famous and scale with Brand Booster.

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Learn all about the Brand Booster program and its value to your startup. In a 1 on 1 session with our founder Theo Reichgelt you can ask all your questions and discover how we quickly achieve results for your startup. Book your free online discovery session here.

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Designed for startups

Brand Booster is designed exclusively for startups. To help startups grow by increasing their brand awareness, reputation and community.

Budget friendly

Brand Booster is designed with the startup budget in mind. It offers a cost-efficient and budget-friendly solution to grow your startup brand in a short period of time.

Sustainability at heart

Sustainability matters! The program is designed to rapidly grow the brands of startups building a sustainable product or service. Together we make a difference.

The brandbooster program is a mix of digital marketing and public relations. Anything needed to quickly grow your brand awareness within your target audience. The program is tailor made so it fits your startup perfectly. During the program we go through the following steps.

1. Brand Audit

The brand audit provides a clear picture of the state of your brand. During the audit, we collect the insights we need to develop a strategy that quickly increases your brand awareness. The audit consists of an online workshop with your team, market research, audience research and a platform review. A report is provided with all the details we find. 

2. Objectives & Strategy

Together we define clear objectives of what we want to achieve with the program. During the first 3 months and beyond. Based on realistic goals, we develop a practical marketing strategy. The strategy shows what we aim to achieve, how we will achieve it and how we are going to measure its success.

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3. Organize

Once the strategy is clear, we start organizing its execution. We put together the team and implement our proven processes. We design content formats, set up accounts, and make all other necessary preparations. In this step we inform all stakeholders about the program so everybody is aligned.

4. Execute

During the execution, we manage all activities and closely monitor the results to keep things on track. We ensure that all stakeholders stay aligned and deliver a monthly report to show progress. We optimize processes when necessary.

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