We are Nexxt Industry, the go-to marketing agency for cleantech and clean mobility scaleups.

Do you want to move to the next phase with a team of the most experienced marketers in the industry and accelerate the growth of your business together?

We're cleantech entrepreneurs like you

We bring together more than ten years of experience in the cleantech and clean mobility industry. All our team members have built their expertise at leading industry brands and have an extensive network in the industry.

Working with scaleups worldwide

We’re established in Arnhem, the leading cleantech region in the Netherlands, and work with cleantech scaleups worldwide. Our clients are fast-growing brands backed by investors and ready for their next growth phase.

Ready to scale your business together

We support you throughout your journey, from market analysis to proposition development and marketing strategy to executing your plans together and bringing results. Making sure you hit your next milestone.


More customers, partners, or active users? Together we define your main objective. And we get to work with your team and bring in the results!

A world-famous brand

Your brand becomes well known within your market and beyond. So you can scale faster and make a real impact sooner.

Loyal Fans

Your product is going to change the world. You need fans who are just as passionate about it as you are. We build a community of loyal fans that help you grow.


When you need a new round of funding, you don’t need to pitch endlessly anymore because your brand has become a super attractive investment!

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We'll make sure that you'll reach your destination on a professional and equally fun journey

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Get ready for creativity and results; continue your marketing journey with us

Why cleantech scaleups work with us

We're not a traditional marketing agency

We are entrepreneurs like you with a decade of experience in cleantech marketing! Working with us enables you to skip the learning curve of non-specialized marketers. And forget the mandatory account director; we offer our services without the red tape of traditional agencies.

We automate and innovate

Marketing automation, AI, ChatGPT, web 3.0, metaverse? We got you covered! Our strategies include innovations that make life easier and help your brand stand out from competitors.

We bring in results

Our services aim to build a strong foundation for your brand’s marketing. But we don’t stop there; we take full responsibility for the execution as well. Together we make sure you reach your objectives and hit your next milestone.

Cleantech marketing agency - Why cleantech scaleups work with us

Why cleantech venture capital firms partner with us

We kick-start growth at new investments

Bring us in, and we will kick-start growth by working with the founding team to build a solid marketing foundation.

Skip the learning curve

It is hard to find experienced marketing people in today’s job market. And when you do, they must go through a steep learning curve before producing results. Fast-forward marketing by working with our experienced cleantech marketing team.

We build partnerships

We know who is who in the cleantech and clean mobility industry. Our extensive industry network enables us to set up partnerships that help your investments skip the learning curve and growth faster.

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