By developing, implementing and executing scalable marketing strategies.

We are

A global remote digital-first marketing team. We develop, implement and execute scalable marketing strategies that grow sustainable brands.

Making impact

We turn your marketing assets into a sustainable revenue growth engine. Enabling you to scale your business and make a greater impact on the future.


We work closely with your teams and our network of creatives and specialists. Resulting in a uniquely scalable and cost-efficient solution for your marketing needs.

We take responsibility

We manage, execute and accelerate your marketing and e-commerce strategies side by side with your teams. Combining our marketing knowledge with your market insights. Working with a long-term and flexible commitment, ready to grow when your business reaches the next milestone.

We're flexible

Because we work fully remotely, we can scale and adapt our team to your business at every stage of its existence. We are your marketing team without the operational costs and learning curve of an in-house team. We are proud of our flexibility, always-on availability and unique way of working. Read more about our story!

We Plan

We develop a goal-oriented, practical and measurable marketing strategy. Showing all stakeholders what we want to achieve, how we are going to do it and how we report results.

We Organize

We implement our proven processes and ensure that we assemble the best-in-class team to meet your marketing needs. We look beyond our core team when there is a need for expert knowledge.

We Execute

Our team takes care of the day-to-day execution and coordination of your marketing strategy. We focus on achieving the expected results in full coordination with all stakeholders involved.

We Improve

We continuously monitor the results and optimize the daily activities accordingly. In addition, we provide a monthly report with results, analysis and recommendations for further improvement.

Founded in a world of constant change, we learned the importance of caring for the future.


We have made it our purpose to transform people’s lives in a way that positively impacts the future.


We achieve this by using our marketing knowledge to accelerate the growth of companies that create a better environment for our future generations.

Greentech Alliance

We are member of the Greentech Alliance, putting our sustainable future first.

Nexxt Industry - Greentech Alliance
digital agency for Cleantech companies

Contact me

We’d love to introduce Nexxt Industry to you personally and discuss how our approach will help accelerate the growth of your sustainable brand. Let us know how to contact you and we will get in touch to schedule an introduction.