building tomorrow’s businesses

We enable growth for startups, scaleups and fast growing companies.
By taking over and accelerating digital marketing and e-commerce activities.



how we do this
An experienced digital marketing director becomes part of your team and takes the lead in building and executing digital marketing and e-commerce strategies. In addition, we build the team needed to guarantee long-term continuity.
Outsource your digital marketing and e-commerce to our distributed team. And we will run it like it is our own. Turning digital marketing into a sustainable revenue growth engine for your company. Without the operational costs of a digital marketing team.
In need for a specialist or an extra hand for your digital marketing projects? We deliver the expertise you need for short-term projects. We work with experts in social media marketing, content creation, SEA, SEO, display, Amazon, social- and e-commerce.
We advise management teams and boards of directors on ways to grow their businesses by embracing digital marketing and e-commerce. Usually in a long-term commitment, working side by side to launch and accelerate digital initiatives.
who we work with

How we’re different

We’re not a traditional agency with an expensive office and a foosball table. We’re a distributed team of digital experts that put our clients first. We immerse ourselves in your business and run your digital marketing and e-commerce like it is our own. Turning digital marketing into a sustainable revenue growth engine. Become part of our network, we’re excited to build your business together!

Theo Reichgelt, Founder | Digital Marketing Director