To create well-performing content for your social media channels, it is very useful to use content marketing tools. The use of these tools helps to lift your brand’s content to a higher level. There are many different content marketing tools available that all have their own functions. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tools our team is using.

  • Canva, a tool to create visual assets
  • Yoast, a tool to optimize your SEO
  • Grammarly, a tool to optimize your English copy 
  • Asana, a content planning & project management tool 

Canva: visual content design tool

Canva is a visual design tool. You can work with one of the many templates provided in that make the creation of visual content a lot easier. You can create any visual assets you need in Canva, from a social post to an infographic. This makes the tool very flexible. With the Canva Pro account, you can also add your branding so you can easily create content that fit your corporate identity. 

Yoast: SEO optimization tool

Yoast is a plug-in for WordPress. Yoast helps you optimize the SEO of your website. It shows you where you are doing well and gives suggestions where you can improve for better results in search engines. It helps you to optimize the overall copy of your website pages, but also to ensure that your keywords and meta description are well aligned. It is a tool that is easy to use and that lifts your SEO to a higher level in a straightforward manner.

Grammarly: English grammar tool 

Grammarly helps you check English grammar. The tool not only looks at the spelling but also at the sentence structure. In the tool, you can indicate the purpose of your text, the target audience, the tone of voice, and how formal the text should be. Grammarly assesses your text on the following points: Correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. You will receive an overall score for each of these points, which will show you how you scored. 

Asana: Content planning tool

Asana is a tool for project management and planning. The calendar view makes it a perfect tool to use for your social media calendar. The advantage of Asana is that you can set up the tool in a way that fits with your processes. You can easily assign statuses to posts and assign them to colleagues. It works completely in real-time, which makes it ideal for collaborating with colleagues, even when you all work remotely. 

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