There are many different types of content that are suitable to use as digital marketing content. So many that it is sometimes hard to decide when to use which type of content. What results do all these different types of content bring you? We discuss the main content types in this article and explain to you when to use what.

Let’s start by listing the most used types of digital marketing content:

  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Podcast

Content-type 1: Blogs

Blogs are a great content tool to use for every business. This has several reasons. Blogs are a valuable form of content for your target group. In a blog, you can provide real value to your target group and give them useful information and tips, like the blog you are now reading for example! This can be done in a fun way by using pictures and images. Besides being informative for your target group, it is also extremely beneficial for your SEO. Short blogs can be optimized for the search engine algorithms. This makes you more visible in search engines and therefore you will drive more traffic to your website. 

Content-type 2: Video

Video content is very diverse, you can use short videos or animations of about 10 seconds but video content can also be long form up to around 3 minutes. Video content is mainly used to entertain the target audience and to keep the interaction high. A video can also be informative, but the goal should be to share entertaining content. Video content is also beneficial for your SEO, it attracts people to your website. Besides being beneficial for your SEO, it is a tool that keeps the attention of your customer in the customer journey. 

Content-type 3: Infographic

Infographics are a useful form of content to use when you want to share the results of a survey or a step-by-step plan, for example. With an infographic, you can design it playfully so that it is easy to understand for your target group. A good infographic takes some time to create, but has a high chance to generate lots of engagement as it is an easy form of content to share. 

Content-type 4: Podcast 

The newcomer in the list. Of course, podcasts have existed for a long time but in 2020 this form of content has made its biggest growth. Podcasts can be used to go deeper into information. It is a personal form of content because often in a podcast there is a conversation or discussion happening. It takes a lot of effort to create but results in  a lot of engagement with your target group. And it is fun to create!

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