We mainly work for sustainable and cleantech startups. Because we are passionate about the industry and we know and understand the target audience well, working with them every day. Of course, the target audience differs among companies and clients. Yet there are many similarities between startup target audiences. In this blog, we describe these similarities with some useful tips that you can use to determine and reach your cleantech startup target audience.

Which layers does this target audience consist of

Target audiences are divided into different phases, each phase defines a specific sort of people. To make this easy to understand, we use Rogers’ Adoption Curve in this article. The model shows the life stage of innovation, with five different target audiences incorporated.

Adoption curve rogers
Adoption Curve Rogers

Early adopters & early majority 

The target audience you’ll have to deal with will vary according to how advanced your innovation is. When you have a new product or innovation it it important to focus on the early adopters and early majority. Once you have them connected, the late majority and the laggards will follow.

How to connect early adopters to your brand

If you have an innovative startup, it is important to focus on the early adopters. They are interested in innovative solutions and want to buy or try your product or service. This target group is the opinion leader in the market, if you have attracted their interest and connected them to your brand you can hardly go wrong. 

Value fit 

Make sure your product is a value fit for your target audience. And specifically make sure your product or service solves a problem from the customer. This means that the customer needs you and will be interested in your solution.

Stay open for feedback

The early adopters see themselves as experts in the field of your startup. They are driven by the industry your service or product is a part of, so they will do research on their own and will be very critical. Embrace this and show that you value and learn from their feedback. This way, you create a strong community with your target audience that enables you to build a valuable, respected and strong brand. 

Know where your target audience can be found and reach them with suitable content

It is important to know where your target group is located to reach them properly. The Early Adopters are always on new innovative platforms. This can differ per target audience. Choose not to focus on traditional channels but look for channels where your target audience is most active. If you know where they are, make sure you have suitable content that connects with the audience.

let us reach your target audience

We mainly work with cleantech and sustainable startups. We know their target group well and are experienced in making content that matches their needs. With this content we reach early adopters and build a strong community that will help to scale their startup. Curious about how we work? Read about our unique approach here.