We are a fully remote agency and have been working remotely since the start of the Covid pandemic. We have experienced that this way of working provides a better and more productive working environment for our team. In a previous blog, we described the advantages of working remotely. In this blog, we take a closer look at the tools you can use to make remote working as easy as possible. 

More and more companies are switching to partly or fully remote working. However, for some companies, it is still difficult to organize remote working properly. Your team must have the right software tools to work productively and effectively. The tools we describe in this blog are suitable for full remote working and part-time working. 

Communication channels

Because you are not all in the same place, your communication lines must be clear and easily accessible. It is essential to have communication channels for long communications such as meetings and short communications to quickly discuss matters with each other. Communication channels that can help with this are Slack, Skype, Google Meet, MS-Teams and Zoom. Slack is often seen as the business version of WhatsApp, you can easily communicate in groups but also one on one. WhatsApp itself is also a great solution for short communications. Tools such as Skype, Google Meet, MS-Teams and Zoom are mainly used for longer communication such as meetings. A combination of these two types of tools will help for effective communication. 

Project management tools

Tools for project management ensure that the overview is maintained in a team. These tools are real-time so that there is no confusion about which tasks are taken up by whom. Project management tools that can be used are for example Monday, Trello, and Basecamp. Monday and Trello are both similar tools, they are both kanban project management tools. Besides kanban project management, Monday has more functionalities to organize your projects. Basecamp is more than just a project management tool. It is a tool where everything around remote working comes together. 


It’s easy to work on a document with several people at the same time in real-time. This way, you have one place to store files and work in documents. Tools that can help you with this are Microsoft office 365 and Google Workspace. Both offer similar functionalities to collaborate in documents and spreadsheets. Tip: Microsoft Teams is geared towards easy collaboration within different groups, like project teams. 

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