In the cleantech industry there are unique marketing challenges that require a different approach than in more traditional industries. Innovative companies will recognise the long lead times and the continuous stream of challenges that arise while the market – and demand of solutions – grow. How do you run digital for these innovative companies? Here is our top 3 digital marketing strategies for cleantech businesses.

1. Blogging

As your market is developing, it is key to connect with the potential users and buyers of your solution. Blogging is a perfect way to do so. Write about the market, about the struggles of your potential users, how your solution solves these, how people are using it. Be transparant and open so people can relate to your business. And make sure you’re not too commercial, content should be easy to read and add value to your visitors. Your blog, magazine or news hub (however you like to brand it) is the center of your cleantech digital marketing. It will drive traffic to your website, create new social media followers and improve search engine results.

2. Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to really connect and interact with your audiences. Make sure you scale social media to fit your cleantech digital marketing budget. Don’t try to be everywhere, only commit to what you can afford to manage really well. And be there, listen to what people have to say and interact with them. Keep in mind that people trust people, not brands. So make sure you show the people behind your brand and focus on building relationships.

Tip: Make sure every post you publish has a purpose. Listen to comments, show that you care and build relationships that make a difference!

When done right, social media is going to make a massive difference for your business and will help you connect with your audiences and – in the long run – sell your solutions.

3. Digital Ads

While organic reach is in decline, social media platforms, search engines and online media offer great ways to promote your content and reach your target audiences where and when it matters. There is a wide spectrum of digital ads: video pre-roll, display banners, search engine advertising, paid social media. Different ads are designed for different targets so the type of digital ads you choose should be based on your business goals. The great thing they all have in common is that you can target the exact audience you need, often in great detail.

Don’t forget to setup reporting and measure the results of your digital efforts.

So target those EV-drivers, people interested in sustainable living or durable energy. You will attract them to your business with the right content, targeting and budget.

And there is more

Of course there is more to consider. This top 3 is the minimum to put in place when building your cleantech business. Once it’s there, consider using Earned Media to create awareness for your solution(s) and use E-mail Marketing to expand the relationship with your audiences. Implementing marketing automation can help you organise things efficiently and connect with your audiences in every step of the journey. Want to learn more? Feel free to connect with us and send any questions you might have!