In 2021 it is impossible to imagine that a brand or company is not visible on social media. Today, there are so many social media channels that brands may not know where to start. In this blog we discuss which channels you can best use for your brand.

See which social media channels suit you

Thinking from the perspective of your target group is understandable, we certainly encourage that. However, it is also important to research what best suits your brand. There are many different types of channels and each channel has its own identity and form of content that is often shared on it. As a brand, it is very important to see if this fits your company. A good example of this is TikTok, a medium that is very popular among Generation Z. However, it is a medium where a lot of ‘real-life’ content is created, which makes it difficult for a brand to get a lot of engagement.

Corporate social media 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter

Do you want to share more content about your company? Or do you mainly target the B2B market? Then business social media platforms are a good match for you. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter mainly share content that is business-related. Both platforms are also very suitable for starting a conversation or discussion with your followers.

Visual social media

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Tiktok
  • Facebook

Want to express more creativity with your brand? Then visual platforms are a good match. On these channels, photos and videos are the main assets used to amuse target groups. You must setup separate storylines on visual social media channels. It doesn’t work to make your information visual. You need to tell a story to engage consumers on these platforms. Your content has to really add value for the user. 

Age of target audience

Besides looking at which platforms fit your brand, it is also useful to look at which age groups are on which social media channels. Below is a list of age categories per platform. 

Our advice is to make a good assessment of whether the platform suits you and whether your target audience is active on the platform. If both are a match, it is the perfect platform for your brand. 

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